How we help creators consistently make $5,000 – $10,000/mo

We believe in the power of content to educate and inspire other people to take action. We aspire to be a top solution for content creators by helping them reach their growth and financial goals.

Every day we strive to create the most compelling content that reaches a desired audience and help content creators scale their revenue.

We create client acquisition infrastructures that allows you to funnel people into your paid info community. The system we use consists of high-impact, short-form content and sales assets that redirects people to a paid info community. This helps to convert your audience into customers.

How we help creators consistently make $5,000 – $10,000/mo with a piad info community, content and sales assets?

We help them create an engaged paid info community

We help them create short form content to drive traffic to the community

We help them create better content by giving them content ideas

We help them take control of their leads by adding CTAs and pinned videos

We help them optimize their profile so they look like an authority

We help them create sales assets that’ll get their audience warmed up

We help them optimize their funnel to get more leads

We help them build the product so they don’t need to do much

We make posts on the creators account within the community so they can focus on creating more content

We manage all of the community business operations for them

We hire employees to scale the community business

The only thing you have to do is promote your new community in your videos on social media, that’s it is that simple.

We do all the heavy lifting a create a well oiled machine that generates passive income for you

So you don’t have to rely only on Adsense and partnerships

What business experience do we have that makes us qualified to do this?

We have worked with over 20+ creators re purpose their YouTube content and have generated over 40+ Million views on social media, and now we are taking it a step further, not only you’ll have short form content for days but also paying members for days.

Before working with us, most creators

  1. NEED a consistent way to make money without relying on a single platform.
  2. They’re afraid to monetize their audience alone.
  3. They don’t have the business knowledge to craft offers, promote, and sell customers.
  4. They don’t have the TIME to dedicate to new projects.

AFTER working with us

  1. They have a consistent way to make money without relying on a single platform
  2. They know they’ll never need a job again for the rest of their lives
  3. They love what they do because they focus on content while their operator takes care of the rest of the business stuff for them.

We want to be your partner because if you win, we win as well and is risk free for you. You just have to say YES, I’M IN and we can hop on a call to go over everything and get to know you and your audience better.

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